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Tell Us If Edmonton Or Ottawa Is "Canada's Team"

We have to choose.

There are only two Canadian teams left in the NHL playoffs, the Edmonton Oilers and the Ottawa Senators.


The nice and logical thing to do is cheer for both, because yay Canada, etc.

@Sportsnet It's up to the Oilers and Sens now to make the finals ... Go Canada Go 🤗

You know, after forgetting about the Leafs.

Unfortunate that there are no Canadian teams left in the playoffs now that Canada's team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, have been eliminated.

But, apparently, that's not how this works. We must choose which one will be Canada's Team.

Until one of them is knocked out, that is.

Ottawa and Edmonton's respective newspapers are fighting.

(Yes, this counts as a fight in Canada.)

Even the idea of "Canada's team" itself has become a fight.

Everyone's getting in on it.

Dear hockey fanatics, The @Raptors are Canada's Team Don't @ me

It also doesn't help that Ottawa and Edmonton aren't exactly treated as Canada's ~darlings~.

So I guess Canada's hopes now rest with the Edmonton Climate Villains and the Ottawa Unelected Politicians.

You know it's true, don't @ me.

So tell us...

  1. Who is truly "Canada's team"?

    Who is truly "Canada's team"?

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Who is truly "Canada's team"?
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    The Oilers
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    The Senators
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    The Leafs and/or Habs, but they're out
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    Piss off.

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