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Important Canadian Media Poll: How Rich Is Jesse Brown?

Mo' money mo' media problems.

The incestuous, insidery world of Toronto media is currently obsessed with one question: How rich is Canadaland publisher Jesse Brown now that a company he co-founded has reportedly been bought by Snapchat?

Fortune magazine reports that Bitstrips, which Brown founded with four other people, has been bought by Snapchat for somewhere in the neighbourhood of $100 million. Those are American dollars, people. Real money.

But how much of it will go to Brown after the venture capitalists and his cofounders get their share? And where will he fall on the richness scale? It's time for you, the roughly 263 people who care about this, to weigh in.

  1. How rich is Jesse Brown?

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How rich is Jesse Brown?
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    Rich enough to buy Postmedia.
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    Rich enough to get health insurance for his Canadaland peoples.
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    Conrad Black before-he-went-to-jail rich.
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    Rich enough to buy a house in Toronto with cash, but probably not a house in Rosedale.
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    Conrad Black after-he-got-out-of-jail rich.
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    How dare you.

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