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People Are Going Crazy About Delphine's Fate On "Orphan Black"

Pray for Delphine.

A new teaser trailer for Orphan Black's fourth season was released last week, and unsurprisingly, it looks tense as heck.

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Sock monkeys on fire!

A terrifying mouth apparatus!

Creepy masks!

But there's one person ~noticeably missing~ from the trailer.

In case you've been living under a rock, Delphine suffered a minor mishap at the end of season 3.

...OK, it was a little more serious than that.

And we still don't know what happened! Is Delphine dead? WHO SHOT HER?!

In January, BBC America released an "In Memoriam" Orphan Black video that seemed to confirm Delphine's death:

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BBC America / Via
I know this will be upsetting to many fans but the story in our minds has always been a tragic love story. Listen, I didn't want to say one way or the other. For us, I believe this is a horrible thing that had to happen. And I know that it's hard and I know that it's emotional and I know there are going to be a lot of people out there going 'WHY?!?' But trust me, this was a necessary move to make.


WHY SHE NEEDS TO LIVE: Um, because COPHINE, obviously.

If you take Cosima and Delphine away from us, Orphan Black, I swear to god, we will march in the streets.

But then, other the other hand, with Delphine dead, that would clear the way for Shaysima.

Hmm. Yes. Also very convincing.

And yeah, this doesn't look good.

Delphine's ambiguous fate is, unsurprisingly, a contentious topic for Orphan Black fans.

delphine is not dead and if you say she is you have no place in my life

Delphine is dead people, DEAD. Shay has a free way, FREE WAY. Hahahahahahahaha 😁

friendly reminder that delphine is dead

I refuse to believe Delphine is dead.


Welp, we'll all have to wait until April to find out what the hell happened.