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This Viral TikTok Is Breaking Down How Different Work (And Life) Is In Sweden Vs. North America, And It Started An Important Conversation

"After I finished school, I never imagined that I would have a proper summer vacation ever again. ... And during the weeks leading up to summer, everyone has that same excitement for summer vacation like we did when we were kids."

Julia Corrigan 10 hours ago
A picture of main street with a lingerie store, and an aerial view of disneyland showing a building painted go away green

I Don't Know If I'm Just Easily Impressed, But These 23 Useless Disney Facts Genuinely Fascinated Me

In the 1970s, someone brought a gun into Disneyland and shot the glass in the Haunted Mansion. The attraction was basically built around that glass, making it too expensive and difficult to replace, so Disney just covered the bullet hole with a fake spider, which you can still see to this day.

Crystal Ro 8 hours ago
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