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    Here Are 17 Facts About Canada That Americans Need To Know

    Listen up fives (America), a ten (Canada) is speaking.

    Even though Canadians know a LOT about American culture, generally speaking Americans don't normally know a lot about their neighbours to the north. So user u/lylelanley- recently asked: "What’s a fact about Canada you want Americans to know?" and a lot of people had thoughts on the matter. Read what they had to say below:

    1. "'Eh?' Can be used interchangeably with 'Huh?'"

    "Americans always interject 'eh?' into a sentence in the most awkward way when mimicking us, yet already have the exact same speech patterns in place"


    2. "There is one random person in every Canadian town who is exempt from goose attacks. No one knows who this person is, but citizenship actually has nothing to do with it."


    3. "It is a very, very big country with not a lot of infrastructure. Please plan trips accordingly."


    "I feel this advice would be more suited to Europeans. I had friends in Europe who came to visit. One day they wanted to see Toronto, the next Calgary and the day after Vancouver. They had no idea canada was so big."


    4. "If you're going to use cash in our country, please bring Canadian dollars. Sorry if this sounds shocking, but even with their higher value, Canadians don't want US dollars."


    5. "Shoes off inside you fucking ogres."


    6. "Nova Scotia is NOT an island. Cape Breton Island, is an island and part of Nova Scotia."


    7. "The wild fires here are so large that it’s not possible to extinguish them. Even if all the fire fighters and fire fighting equipment in the world helped in wouldn’t make a dent. The point of fire fighting of wild fires is protect towns, critical infrastructure, critical nature and parks etc."


    8. "We invented basketball according to those Part of Our Heritage commercials which I take as gospel."


    9. "Canadian bacon is not Canadian."


    10. "Don’t be bringing skis and snow boards with you when you drive across the border in July."


    11. "No, I do not know John from Toronto."


    12. "Just because we say 'Sorry' doesn't mean that we are sorry."


    13. "Racism is very much still a thing in Canada. Just ask the Indigenous people who live here."


    14. "Not all traffic rules are the same as the USA states. Look up the province you’re traveling to and take a look through the traffic rules."


    15. "We use the metric system - so please dont think that 80 kms/h is the same thing as 80 miles/h."


    16. "Hospital stays cost us $0."


    "*20$ for parking"


    17. And finally: "Our beer is a lot stronger than yours."


    Canadians! What else do you want Americans to know? Drop us a line in the comments or on TikTok and Instagram.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.