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Miley Cyrus, and models in robes

People Who Have Worked In The Fashion World Are Sharing Their Secrets And Stories, And WHEW, They Are Toxic

"One time, I was told that I was being 'treated' to a trip to Paris with the sales team to sell the collection to Paris clients. The brand didn't even book me a room or a bed to stay in for the week, so I had to sleep on the floor. Unpaid. Didn't even have enough daily food budget to feed me properly."

Syd Robinson 6 hours ago

A Resurfaced “KUWTK” Clip Of The Time Kanye West Got Annoyed At Kim Kardashian’s Personal Trainer For Advising Against Her Unrealistic Fitness Goals Has Sparked Backlash

Viewers are also calling Kim out for “bragging” that Kanye condemned her trainer when she said there was “no way” the beauty mogul could embark on her drastic body transformation.

Leyla Mohammed 12 hours ago

Tristan Thompson Told Khloé Kardashian She Was “Never Leaving” Him While She Explained Her Reasoning For Keeping Exes Around Months Before His Paternity Scandal Was Exposed

While he’d secretly been engaging in a monthslong sexual affair, Tristan was telling his then-girlfriend Khloé that she could “never” leave him as they were tied “for life.”

Sarah Jessica Parker Hasn’t Spoken To Chris Noth In 6 Months After It Was Reported That She Felt Like She’d “Let Everyone Down” When He Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

It was previously reported that Sarah Jessica was “livid” and felt as though she’d “let everyone down” when her “SATC” costar and friend was accused of sexually assaulting women.