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Scott Disick in a formal suit on the left, and Scott Disick looking at items in a refrigerator on the right

The Latest “Kardashians” Episode Appeared To Feature An Extended Scene With Weight Loss Drugs “Fully On Display” In Scott Disick’s Fridge, And It’s Left Viewers “Shocked”

“I feel like it was planted there on purpose. They have full editing control,” one viewer wrote, while others pointed out that the apparent glimpse at the medication came right after Kris Jenner remarked that Scott has “lost a lot of weight.”

Claudia Jeffries, the summer muff she wore on Bridgerton

17 Times Actors Got Injured On Set (And How It Was Written Into The Show)

A huge piece of lighting equipment crashed on top of Kristin Chenoweth while she was filming The Good Wife in 2012. She said, "My ribs were cracked. My nose and some of my teeth were broken, and I had a skull fracture. And those were just the injuries that actually showed up on x-rays."

Tristan Thompson wearing a Los Angeles Lakers jersey on the left and Khloe Kardashian in a black top on the right

“The Kardashians” Fans Are Accusing The Show Of Recycling The “Same Narrative” When It Comes To Khloé And Tristan After His Extended Appearance In The Season 5 Premiere Left Viewers Baffled

It’s safe to say that Khloé was not impressed when her ex-boyfriend Tristan suggested that they “combine” both of their houses and live as “one big happy family” following his infamous paternity scandal.

Jennifer Garner hugging Reese Witherspoon. Instagram comment section includes positive comments from Rachel Zoe, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jenna Dewan

Loads Of Hollywood Moms Are Comforting Jennifer Garner After She Broke Down In Tears Over Her And Ben Affleck's Daughter Graduating School, And People Are Emotional

Jennifer couldn’t hold back her tears in a series of candid photos from her and Ben Affleck’s eldest daughter Violet's high school graduation, and the support she’s receiving from other Hollywood moms is leaving fans super emotional.

Drew Afualo said, "Polynesian people in mainstream media [are] like The Rock, Dinah Jane, Jason Momoa, and that's it, It's just the three of them, and like, if it's not sports, we're not really talked about"

27 Celebs Who Spoke Out About AAPI Representation In Hollywood

Constance Wu said, " Crazy Rich Asians was on a bigger scale. People used to say, 'Oh, well, she can't carry a show. She can't carry a movie.' But that's why it was hard for Asian Americans — they couldn't carry a show or movie because nobody had ever let them."