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Millennial Parents Are Revealing The Biggest Differences Between Their Children's Lives Vs. How They Grew Up, And It's Wildly Fascinating

"I'm 100% honest and truthful with my kids. If they have a question about something they see on the news, social media, or something a friend said, I will tell them the truth. No sugar coating or stepping around the answer. I would rather my kids understand what is going on around them than be sheltered and oblivious."

People Are Opening Up About Their Experiences With Eldercare In The US, And It's Not At All What I Expected

"My grandparents had around $500,000, but my grandma is now down to about $160,000 and will essentially be out of money in just over a year. I've had so many mental breakdowns about it. I'm glad my grandma has money to cover her care, but it just isn't enough. It is bleak. This is scary and overwhelming at best."

This Millennial Just Shared That Their Boomer Parents Are Becoming "Really Nasty People" As They Get Older, And Thousands Of People Agree With Them

"All either of them does is complain and talk sh*t about people they used to associate with," The Reddit user claims about their parents. "This does not feel normal. Is anyone else experiencing this? Were our grandparents like this too, and we were just too young to notice it?"

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