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    21 Poorly Designed Bathrooms That Simply Can't Be Serious

    "Great, the bathroom from my recurring nightmare is real."

    1. This hotel room with an unconventional bathroom window:

    Hotel room with a window into the bathroom where you can see the toilet from the bed

    2. These stall doors could use about 50% more door:

    Public restroom with two toilet stalls, but the stall doors don't cover the toilet

    3. This bathroom would actually be an ideal place to experiment with lighting one's farts:

    A bathroom with a decorative fireplace behind a toilet and wall-mounted sink

    4. I need to know who lives here so I can make sure I never eat their homemade brownies:

    An apartment's small kitchen with appliances beside an open bathroom with a toilet and tub, showcasing unique combined layout

    5. This open air toilet, for when turning on the fan just isn't enough:

    Toilet outside on a balcony

    6. This wonderful bike:

    Custom bike designed to resemble a toilet, complete with a bowl and tank, listed for sale

    7. According to this color-changing mood ring toilet seat, I'm feeling "uncomfortable":

    A toilet with an unusually colorful seat and lid open

    8. This office bathroom is the strongest case against hustle culture I've seen in a minute:

    Office desk with computer setup in a bathroom next to a toilet

    9. Never going to a keg party at this location:

    A creative bathroom setup with beer kegs repurposed as urinals

    10. This bathroom that reminded me to take the stairs:

    Elevator that opens inside of a bathroom next to a urinal

    11. I'm scared of tunnels anyway, but this toilet just unlocked a whole new fear:

    Antique wooden toilet cart with a hinged lid, set in a dimly lit, rustic underground space

    12. These stalls with a view:

    Public restroom with windows cut into each stall door

    13. Behold, Metoiletca:

    Sculpture of a person with a Lars Ulrich shirt sitting on a toilet, positioned in a bathroom next to a shower

    14. This bathroom with a sink reserved for vomiting:

    A sink with a sign above labeled "Vomiting pool" in English and Chinese

    15. This bathroom built for two:

    Bathroom with two toilets positioned so that only one can reach the toilet paper

    16. I actually don't hate the idea of a bathroom piano, but I just know my former music teacher would say there's no way to play this one with good posture:

    Bathroom with a toilet next to an upright piano, suggesting a quirky and humorous combination in a small space

    17. This toilet where I would surely tumble to my death:

    A toilet is elevated on a tiled platform in a bathroom, with a humorous caption about selling the property

    18. This bathroom that looks like a migraine designed it:

    A bathroom with toilet, bidet, and sink covered in matching patterned tiles

    19. This bathroom that could've just used an "occupied" sign:

    Public restroom door with a window in it that shows the toilet to anyone outside

    20. This, uh, four-leafed toilet that I hope is some kind of modern art installation:

    Four-unit, flower-shaped communal toilet design without dividers

    21. And finally, this:

    A makeshift toilet comprising a chair with a hole placed over an open manhole, with toilet paper attached

    H/T r/CrapperDesign.

    I truly can't get enough weird bathrooms, so please tell me about the strangest bathroom you've ever encountered in the comments and feel free to upload a photo if you've got one!