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These 21 Foods Were Decided To Be Overrated And Underrated But Let's See What You Think

I guess today's the day I defend the honour of pasta!

Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their opinions on which foods are possibly hyped up way too much and which foods don't get enough love.

The people have spoken and now I'm ready to flip a table reality show style (jk)!

1. Overrated — Butter Chicken

a pan of butter chicken and rice

2. Underrated — Anchovies and Sardines

canned sardines on a counter

3. Overrated — Bell Peppers

a pile of sweet peppers

4. Underrated — Passionfruit

bowl of passionfruits with one cut open

5. Overrated — Truffles

a black truffle mushroom next to ravioli

6. Underrated — Plain Chicken Wings

a plate of plain chicken wings

7. Overrated — Bacon

four strips of bacon frying in a pan

8. Underrated — Raisins

little cup of raisins

9. Overrated — Cheese

cut open cheese wheel of brie on cutting board

10. Underrated — ~Real~ Maple Syrup

bottle of maple syrup on a wooden table

11. Overrated — Brioche Buns

rows of brioche buns

12. Underrated — Savory Oats

a bowl of savory oatmeal

13. Overrated — Red Velvet

14. Underrated — M.S.G.

a wooden spoon of monosodium glutamate powder

15. Overrated — Avocado

avocados in a woven bowl with one avocado cut open

16. Underrated — Pickles

a bowl of whole pickles

17. Overrated — Vinaigrettes

18. Underrated — Sweetened Grits

a bowl of grits

19. Overrated — Oysters

20. Underrated — Eggs

a hardboiled egg cut in half with pepper on top

21. Overrated — Pasta Salad

a bowl of bow tie pasta salad

All images from Getty unless otherwise stated.

Tell us all about your food opinions (unpopular or not!) in the comments, and be sure to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter if you want to be featured in similar posts!