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A Massive Bipartisan Disaster Aid Bill Was Blocked By A Single House Republican

Rep. Chip Roy of Texas argued the disaster aid bill is not “fiscally responsible.”

Paul McLeod • 2 days ago

Congress Reached A $19.1 Billion Disaster Aid Deal After Trump Caved On Border Funding

The deal includes close to $1 billion in funding for Puerto Rico that Trump had objected to. The Senate passed the bill Thursday and Trump is expected to sign it by the end of the week.

Paul McLeod • 3 days ago
Paul McLeod • 4 days ago

Nancy Pelosi Is Accusing Trump Of A Cover-Up, But Tells Democrats To Hold Off On Impeachment For Now

A growing number of Democratic members of the House are calling to start an impeachment inquiry, but one party leader warned that “might tear the country apart.”

Paul McLeod • 4 days ago

Mitch McConnell Is Trying To Stop Teens From Vaping

McConnell, the Senate majority leader, introduced a new bill would help address the “epidemic” of vaping among school-age children.

Paul McLeod • 6 days ago

Forget Medicare For All: Even Basic Fixes To The Health Care System Can’t Pass Congress

Members of Congress in both parties believe the American health care system is badly broken and needs reforms, but it appears likely nothing will be done any time soon.

Paul McLeod • 10 days ago

The House Judiciary Committee Voted To Hold Bill Barr In Contempt

The full House will now have to vote to hold the attorney general in contempt. The committee’s move comes shortly after President Trump asserted executive privilege to prevent Democrats from obtaining the full report.

Zoe Tillman • 18 days ago

Young People Who Can't Pay Court Fees Are Getting Trapped In The Criminal Justice System

Children across the country aren’t able to leave the juvenile criminal justice system when administrative fines and fees pile up. A new bill in Congress would end this.

Paul McLeod • 20 days ago

Nancy Pelosi Says Attorney General Bill Barr Committed A Crime

The House speaker accused Barr of committing a crime out of loyalty to Trump but did not say what House Democrats will do next.

Paul McLeod • 24 days ago

Republicans Are Warning Drug Companies Not To Cooperate With A Congressional Investigation

The House Oversight Committee is attempting to study how drug companies set prescription drug prices, but Republicans have warned the industry that it may be better for them not to cooperate.

Paul McLeod • One month ago

Lindsey Graham Is Writing A Bill To Take Guns Away From People Deemed Dangerous

Graham is hoping to get bipartisan support for the bill, which he said will provide grants to states that implement “red flag laws.”

Paul McLeod • One month ago

Trump Is Stuck With Obamacare. Here Are The Ways He’s Trying (And Failing) To Kill It.

The Trump administration is sabotaging Obamacare, but Republicans said they won’t replace it anytime soon. The result is a system that is worse than it could be, but isn’t going anywhere.

Paul McLeod • One month ago

Democrats Are Thrilled With Trump Reigniting The Pre-Existing Conditions Debate

“It’s hard to figure out,” said Sen. Chris Murphy.

Paul McLeod • 2 months ago

The Big Barrier to a Medicare For All Vote Isn’t Republicans, It’s Democrats

Medicare for All would be the most dramatic overhaul of the American health care system ever. So why does the industry seem so nonchalant about it?

Paul McLeod • 2 months ago

The House Of Representatives Passed A Broad Anti-Hate Resolution After Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Comments About Israel

The resolution was crafted by Democrats after Omar made comments that members of both parties interpreted as an allusion to “dual loyalty” stereotypes of American Jews. Twenty-three Republicans voted against the resolution, while Omar herself supported it.

Paul McLeod • 2 months ago

Congress Just Got A Lot Closer To Rejecting Trump’s National Emergency To Build A Wall

Congress may now have the votes needed to formally reject Trump’s plan. The White House has suggested the president will issue his first veto if it passes.

Paul McLeod • 2 months ago

House Passes Landmark Gun Control Bills To Expand Background Checks, But Trump Has Vowed To Veto Them

The Democratic bills would expand background checks and close the “Charleston loophole” that allowed at least 6,000 guns to be sold to people with disqualifying red flags in 2017.

Paul McLeod • 2 months ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Got Dragged For Suggesting People Who Are “Unwilling To Work” Should Get Paid. Advocates Say That’s The Point.

“This idea that somehow people who are unwilling to work are bad or lazy is a horrible idea.”

Paul McLeod • 3 months ago

Trump Will Declare A National Emergency To Build A Wall

The move, which Trump will couple with signing a bill to avoid another government shutdown, is expected to face both legal and congressional challenges.

Paul McLeod • 3 months ago

After Shutting Down The Government, Trump’s Getting Even Less Wall Money Than Democrats Originally Offered

Trump blasted the deal Tuesday but also said he does not expect another government shutdown. He’ll have to sign off on the deal by Friday to avoid one.

Paul McLeod • 3 months ago