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The Trump Whistleblower Is Protected In The House, But Could Be Called To Testify In The Senate

A faction of Republicans want to depose the anonymous whistleblower who set off the impeachment process, and they have power in the Senate.

Paul McLeod 2 days ago

Republicans Blocked Gun Control Again Just As Another Mass Shooting Was Unfolding

“I wish this weren’t the case, but Republicans’ interest in working on guns is driven by casualties of 15 or more,” Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy said. “It’s so awful that it works like this.”

Paul McLeod 3 days ago
Paul McLeod 10 days ago

Rand Paul Floated An Unfounded Theory That The Trump Whistleblower Has Ties To Hunter Biden’s Work In Ukraine

“I imagine at some point soon our client will be accused of masterminding JFK's assassination as well,” said a lawyer for the whistleblower.

Paul McLeod 11 days ago

House Republicans Want To Out The Whistleblower Who Kicked Off The Trump Impeachment Inquiry

“If I had a degree of certainty who the whistleblower is, I promise you I would tell you,” said Republican Rep. Mark Meadows.

Paul McLeod 19 days ago

Republican Impeachment Attacks Are Complicated And Kind Of Boring. That’s The Point.

“I haven’t gone down to any of the hearings. I’m truly convinced in three weeks this won’t even be talked about,” one Republican said.

Paul McLeod 24 days ago

Impeachment Could Mean Most Presidential Candidates Can’t Leave Washington, Or Talk. Sorry, Those Are (Really) The Rules.

“It would be disruptive, that’s all I can tell you,” said former presidential candidate and current senator Mitt Romney, laughing.

Paul McLeod One month ago

What To Expect When You’re Impeaching: Republicans Lay Out What Trump’s Senate Trial Will Look Like

Senators will have to sit — silently — through the trial for six days a week for who knows how long.

Paul McLeod One month ago

Trump Needs Republicans As The Impeachment Inquiry Continues, But They’re Furious About Syria

Even some of Trump’s closest Republican allies are infuriated over his decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, though they say there’s little they can do.

Addy Baird One month ago

These Republicans Could Have Voted To Impeach Donald Trump. But They Lost Their Jobs Last Year.

“I’m one term removed from something that does have a place in history.”

Paul McLeod One month ago

Republicans Say The Real Problem Is That Trump’s Conversation With The Ukrainian President Leaked

“I don’t know how the hell he can be president under these conditions, it’s just incredible,” Sen. Lindsey Graham said.

Paul McLeod One month ago

Democrats Still Hope Mitt Romney Will Take On Trump

Romney said the latest Trump allegations were “deeply troubling.” Merely expressing grave concerns may not seem like a radical act, but in Washington in 2019 it’s enough to make you a unique case as a Republican.

Paul McLeod One month ago

Congress Can’t Get A Deal On Gun Background Checks Without Donald Trump

The attorney general is making the pitch to Republicans to expand background checks, but everything hinges on whether Trump will get behind it.

Paul McLeod 2 months ago

Democrats In Congress Are Throwing Cold Water On Calls To Impeach Brett Kavanaugh

Congressional Democrats are planning to grill the FBI over its investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations against the Supreme Court justice, but are not moving toward impeachment.

Paul McLeod 2 months ago

A Massive Lobbying War Could Kill A Bipartisan Effort To End The Surprise Medical Billing Crisis

“I’m very worried. There are members of Congress who are skittish,” said one patient advocate.

Paul McLeod 2 months ago

Congress Has Tried To Pass Gun Control Laws After Major Mass Shootings. Here’s How They’ve Failed.

Even modest measures to expand background checks after deadly shootings have failed to win enough Republican support to make it through Congress.

Paul McLeod 3 months ago

The Trump Administration Plans To Let Pharmacies Import Cheap Canadian Drugs

The announcement comes as the high cost of drugs is becoming a major issue in Congress and on the campaign trail.

Paul McLeod 3 months ago

What Happens If Obamacare Is Overturned In An Election Year? Senate Republicans Say To Trust Congress.

Republicans say a split Congress would be able to pull off comprehensive health reform in an election year. Democrats say they’re delusional.

Paul McLeod 3 months ago

Robert Mueller Tells America "No," He Did Not Totally Exonerate The President

Former special counsel Robert Mueller warned that the Russians are attempting to get involved in the American elections saying, "they’re doing it as we sit here."

Tasneem Nashrulla 3 months ago

Democrats Are Worried About Ilhan Omar’s Safety After Trump Supporters Chanted “Send Her Back”

As Trump distanced himself from the chant Thursday, Democrats said they’re working to protect Omar and other members of Congress.

Paul McLeod 4 months ago