The 25 Most GIF-Worthy Moments Of The 2015 Blue Jays Season

    A magical season as told through gifs from the fan blog The Blue Jay Hunter.

    1. When Kevin Pillar defied gravity and earned himself a new nickname with this Superman catch.

    2. When normally stoic manager John Gibbons was feeling a little crazy.

    3. When Josh Donaldson made that miraculous dive to avoid the tag at home plate.

    4. When Donaldson offered some constructive criticism to the Angels dugout.

    5. When Bautista showed off his long-delayed bat flip.

    6. When Edwin Encarnacion did the same.

    7. ...but asked his teammates to go easy on his sore shoulder. High fives only, guys.

    8. When Josh Donaldson dove into that guy (and somehow made the catch.)

    9. When Kevin Pillar climbed the outfield wall to steal a home run.

    10. When the benches cleared on Josh Donaldson's dramatic walk-off hit.

    11. When Jose Bautista stared down a fan who interfered with a ball and was laughing about it.

    12. When John Gibbons made his John Gibbons face while eating sunflower seeds.

    13. When Jose Bautista did his home run trot against Baltimore.

    14. When Josh Donaldson watched Magic Mike on the airplane and came up with a new stretch routine.

    15. When Jose Bautista's energy levels were rising.

    16. When David Price seemed pretty happy with his trade from last-place Detroit to first-place Toronto.

    17. When Chris Colabello became a real-life bobblehead.

    18. When Marcus Stroman came back from spending most of the year out with an injury and was pretty pumped about it.

    19. When Edwin Encarnacion made his home run face.

    20. When Bautista gunned down Yankee Chris Young at home plate and gave him John Cena's "you can't see me" taunt.

    21. When Dioner Navarro demonstrated his own home run shuffle.

    22. When the dugout (again) emptied when Josh Donaldson hit a ninth-inning walk-off home run.

    23. When Ben Revere tried to dump Gatorade on his teammates but screwed it up.

    24. When Munenori Kawasaki smoked his first cigar.

    25. When Russell Martin and Marcus Stroman celebrated the Jays clinching the American League East for the first time in 22 years.