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Archie From "Riverdale" Called Vancouver Boring And People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It

He said he liked the food, though.

KJ Apa, star of the hit TV show Sex Archie, has pissed off some people in Vancouver by calling the city "kind of boring."

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Apa was on Live with Kelly and Ryan this week to talk about the new season of Riverdale when he was asked about filming the show in Vancouver.

After praising the great lifestyle and food, he acknowledged that the city could be a bit dull.

"The thing is, when you're there for a really long time it can get kind of boring," Apa said.

LIVE with Kelly and Ryan / Via youtu.be

Although Vancouver has long had a reputation for lacking in excitement, even earning the nickname No Fun City, some people didn't take too kindly to Apa's comment.

@kj_apa thanks for slagging Vancouver.....

@forever604 / Via Twitter: @forever604

Vancouver is NOT boring, people insisted.

literally fuck u kj apa vancouver is NOT boring

@aleksudovs / Via Twitter: @aleksudovs

There were some (probably well-deserved) digs at his acting.

When kJ Apa says Vancouver is boring but hasn’t seen his own acting 🤔🤔

@happynics7 / Via Twitter: @happynics7

And some people pointed out that New Zealand, where Apa is from, isn't exactly known for its thrills either.

K.J. Apa, Archie on Riverdale, says Vancouver is ‘pretty boring.’ Dude, you’re from NZ, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

@seanasimpson / Via Twitter: @seanasimpson

But also...is he wrong?

everyone melting down at archie from riverdale for saying vancouver has good restaurants but is boring: how exactly is he wrong

@sheckyyoungman / Via Twitter: @sheckyyoungman

Others called the reaction itself boring.

If you're offended by the guy who plays Archie saying Vancouver's boring you're also boring

@dog_snack / Via Twitter: @dog_snack

And of course the real estate market was invoked, because it is Vancouver after all.

@kj_apa thanks for calling #Vancouver boring, hopefully your comment will slow down the real estate market. #riverdale #housingcrisis #shade

@evilyn_13 / Via Twitter: @evilyn_13

For what it's worth, Apa has previously gushed about how "beautiful" Vancouver is.

ET Canada / Via etcanada.com

"It's great. It's similar to New Zealand. That's why I like shooting there," Apa told ET Canada.

"I'd rather actually shoot in Vancouver than LA, to be honest. I know everyone else would rather be shooting in LA, but Vancouver's beautiful. You can't beat that."

Perhaps most importantly, the real Archie (from the comics) had a pretty good time when the gang visited Vancouver during Expo 86.

The Riverdale TV series isn't the first time the Archie Gang has visited Vancouver.

@emmetmatheson / Via Twitter: @emmetmatheson
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