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A Group Says French Media Are Pronouncing This Guy's Name Wrong

Or just call him Denzel.

You think you know how to say this handsome man's name, right?

Harry How / Getty Images

P.K. Subban. Pee-Kay Soo-Ban. Easy.

Harry How / Getty Images

Right? Yes. Unless you're the The Association For The Support and Use of The French language. In which case, wrong.


The group, which you have probably never heard of and will likely never hear about again, sent a letter humbly requesting that French Broadcasters pronounce P.K. Subban's name in French.

Like, Peh-Kah. Not Pee-Kay.

And Soo-bauh. Not Soo-ban.

The letter was obtained by La Presse and also noted the typically Anglicized pronunciation of French players such as Vincent "Vinny" Lecavalier and Daniel "Danny" Briere.

As for P.K.? He's taking it in stride. He told reporter Arpon Basu we may as well just start calling him Denzel. Because why not?

Full Denzel quote from Subban: “Since we’re changing the pronunciation of my name, just start calling me Denzel. Why not?”

  1. Which leaves one important question, how should we pronounce P.K.?

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Which leaves one important question, how should we pronounce P.K.?
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