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Say Hello To Earl Grey, The Cat Who Would Be Prime Minister

Take a mewment, a paws if you will, to check out these purrfect candidates.

This beauitful creature is Earl Grey, and he's running to be our great nation's next Prime Minister under the Halifax-based Tuxedo Party.

Hugh Chisholm / Via Facebook: 391884324181841

Earl Grey isn't the first Tuxedo Party candidate, however. His predecessor was Tuxedo Stan, a Halifax mayoral candidate.

Hugh Chisholm / Via Facebook: 391884324181841

Stan ran in the 2012 election and gained notoriety from all over the globe, earning endorsements from the likes of Ellen Degeneres.

Sadly, Stan died of kidney cancer in 2013 at the tender age of three.

Like Stan, Earl Grey has a very simple platform: we need to protect our furry friends.

Whereas Stan stood for animals in need in Halifax, Earl Grey is going national with a demand for Canada to update its animal cruelty laws.

From his platform:

Animals in Canada are currently NOT afforded adequate protection under the law. Due to loopholes, outdated wording (from 1892), and inadequate laws, convictions of animal cruelty are unlikely. Action is needed to change the laws and protect animals; without legal protection they are defenceless against mistreatment.

Since touring the country would put a serious dent in nap time, Earl Grey's official campaign website includes body double cutouts so supporters can take him anywhere.

Of course, he's not going to be on ballots due to this country's archaic laws concerning candidate species, but let's not get bogged down in the details.

Earl Grey is pretty much the perfect candidate. Fist of all he's experienced, having previously run for premier of Nova Scotia.

Hugh Chisholm / Via Facebook: 391884324181841

He's got a clean reputation.

Hugh Chisholm / Via Facebook: 391884324181841

He tackles difficult tasks with gusto and poise.

And even if Justin Trudeau's hair and Tom Mulcair's beard had a baby, Earl Grey would still have prettier hair.

Hugh Chisholm / Via Facebook: 391884324181841

Who indeed, Canada.

Tuxedo Party / Via[pp_gal]/0/

But wait — Earl Grey isn't the only feline vying for your votes. A handsome candidate named Humbert is running in a Montreal riding.

He's a purrfect catdidate: a cat running for Canadian parliament. @hyperallergic #Humbert2015

And with a slogan like "Treats for all," how could anyone resist?

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