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Let's See Whose Fashion Speaks To You The Most — "This Or That" With Shania Twain And Harry Styles

Sequins are everything and you definitely cannot be wearing too many!

In honour of Harry Styles bringing out his fashion inspiration, Shania Twain, during his Coachella set this past weekend we want to play a round of "This or That" with the closets of these two style monarchs!

picture of shania twain and harry styles singing

So let's get into it!

Disclaimer: we love and respect both of these artists so much, this is just for fun!

1. Let's start with these funky looks:

2. What about these classics?

3. Both are ~iconic~ in black...but which do you like more?

4. What about these campy stage outfits?

5. Who absolutely owns red?

6. Which one of these less glam (but still amazing) looks suits you?

7. Which sexy stage fit speaks to you more?

8. Risqué and bold — which one holds your heart?

9. We're back to camp, but I think there's a clear winner here:

10. This or That? Incredible Suit Edition

11. Lastly, in good fun — who had the better Coachella look?

But overall, who do we think the ultimate style icon in this pairing is?