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This Guy's Run For Office Ended Because Of An Alleged "Hamster Eating" Video

It's definitely poutine, right?

A would-be Ontario politician says his candidacy was killed by the party because of an old video in which someone is alleged to have eaten a hamster off a hockey stick.

Derek Duval / Via Facebook

Derek Duval was running to be the Progressive Conservative nominee in the riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. In a Facebook post, Duval said he had sold about 1,200 new party memberships before being told he was disqualified — just days before the nomination meeting.

"Seeing no other outcome than me winning the nomination, the party made the decision to disallow my candidacy — using the flimsy excuse of a video I was part of many years ago," Duval said.

Facebook: derek.duval.gpr

That video, which Duval also uploaded to Facebook, is a “mockumentary” he helped film in 2012 about a hockey tournament.

Duval says a party official who spoke with him "accused me of filming someone eating a hamster," and that this weighed heavily in the decision to disqualify him from the nomination race.

"I informed Mr. Dunlop that the guy was eating poutine off of a hockey stick," Duval said. "Those facts didn't matter."

Here's the hamster/poutine in question.

Derek Duval


And here's a gif version.

Derek Duval

As the Ottawa Citizen noted, this isn't the first nomination controversy in the Ontario PC Party, but it's probably the weirdest.

The whole thing has people confused.

I do not know what is happening and I don't know if I want to https://t.co/IDTEHQXSQu

Like... HOW?

How is it...I just don't...How can there be confusion over whether someone is eating a HAMSTER or poutine?!

At least this came out just in time to make all the year-end lists of "weird Canadian shit that happened in 2016."

Canada submits it's entry for strangest political scandal of the year. Was it a hamster or poutine? https://t.co/JIucPIA0dv

  1. OK, let's settle it. What's happening here?

    Derek Duval
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OK, let's settle it. What's happening here?
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    This guy is eating a hamster.
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    It's obviously poutine!
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    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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