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Can You Look At These Photos Of Trudeau And Obama Without Getting All Hot?

Now kiss.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Washington for an official, bro-tastic visit with Barack Obama. And it's totally fine. Look, they're just standing there.

And here they are sharing a little laugh. No big deal.

This is just a polite hand on Trudeau's shoulder.

This is just a friendly handshake. Their palms are just gently grazing. As friends do.

Here's a little shoulder squeeze, their palms clasped, their faces mere inches away. They're totally not gazing deeply into each other's powerful eyes.

Here we see Obama totally not gently feeling the taught muscle's in Trudeau's chiseled back built by years of boxing.

This is just a friendly, not-at-all romantic stroll past some spring blooms. Trudeau's eyes kind of suggest they're sharing an intimate moment, but IT'S FINE. IT'S FINE.

Those eyes. Those mischievous eyes. That look that says, "We're forging a close personal connection today, Barack."

"I can't wait for our private meeting later," Trudeau thought to himself, probably, as he gave Obama that knowing look.

They held the other, softly at first, then with that ardent firmness that lovers know. "I'm so glad we share this special relationship," Obama whispered, probably.

Their hearts swelled as their lips passed by the other's and two nations, united, swelled with them.