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Thanks For Asking, I'm Currently Processing The Fact That Montreal Just Moved Halloween


In these divided times, one thing we can all agree on is that Halloween is a holiday which takes place on October 31.

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This is... not up for discussion.

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But yesterday afternoon, Montreal mayor Valérie Plante announced that due to to heavy rainfall, Halloween would be postponed until Friday, November 1.

Avis météo: j’invite les petits et grands Montréalais.e.s à passer l’#Halloween vendredi en raison de la pluie et des vents violents annoncés demain. Nos services seront au rendez-vous, et faites preuve de prudence comme à l’habitude. Bonne cueillette de bonbons! #polmtl

She just... tweeted out a new date for a major holiday.


Just curious: Is this... allowed?

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While the rest of the country celebrates, Montreal is just going to *do* Halloween one day later??

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Obviously, mayors have every right to take measures for people's safety. But declaring November 1 as New Halloween 2019 feels somehow sacrilège.

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What do you think?

  1. Should you be able to *postpone* Halloween?!

    Should you be able to *postpone* Halloween?!

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Should you be able to *postpone* Halloween?!
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    No, this is a travesty!
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    Yes, Halloween is a construct

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