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Toronto Might Rename A Stadium In Rob Ford's Honour And People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It

Toronto Mayor John Tory suggested renaming a football stadium in Etobicoke.

Toronto's might rename a football stadium in honour of Rob Ford. Ford's brother Doug and the current mayor, John Tory, support the plan.

Christopher Drost / THE CANADIAN PRESS

According to the Toronto Star, Tory wrote a letter to the rest of city council asking that Centennial Park Stadium be renamed to the Rob Ford Memorial Stadium. The 2,200-seat stadium is located in Etobicoke, where Ford served as councillor for a decade before being elected mayor in 2010.

During his chaotic term in office, Ford's erratic behaviour and his admission of using crack cocaine made him world famous as "the crack mayor" of Toronto. He entered treatment for substance abuse in 2014, and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer later that year. He died in March 2016.

Not everyone loves the idea of renaming the stadium.

Am I alone in wondering why Toronto City Council would name a stadium after Rob Ford ?

People noted that Ford had a history of making bigoted statements.

Can't back this. He was a racist & homophobe. We're supposed to learn from our mistakes — not name things after them https://t.co/Tk7wBMnGqk

In 2015, after Ford had gone back to representing Ward 2 on city council, he publicly apologized for using racist language during his time as mayor.

"I’m the most racist guy around," he once said in a rant that included the n-word and other racial and ethnic slurs. "I’m the mayor of Toronto.”

Maybe we'll all be arguing about this in the future.

conservatives 50 years from now: "we can't rename rob ford stadium! what's next, renaming lynn beyak park? where does it end?" #Canada150

Rob Ford loved football, but maybe there are better things to name in his honour?

Want to memorialize Rob Ford? How about an addiction treatment centre? Something about the battles and demons many fight, not all win.

Besides, his football coaching career didn't really end well.

A reminder that Rob Ford was known to be abusive to players & was ultimately fired from his coaching job. #TOpoli https://t.co/IwRQo5BJla

Still, the idea has some supporters.

I think it's a good idea, too. https://t.co/grmuVfedly

Some people said that, despite his flaws, Ford wasn't all bad. "Rob Ford helped a lot of people."

@jpags I think it's easy to remember people for the bad but its better to remember people for the good. Rob Ford helped a lot of people.

Rob Ford died in 2016, but he still has a way of making headlines in Toronto.

#RobFord Friday's cartoon in @TorontoStar

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