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Justin, Thomas, Stephen, And Elizabeth Are Four Adorable Kittens Who Want Your Support

Politicians who are truly worthy.

Meet Justin, Thomas, Stephen, and Elizabeth.

Sabrina Millis / Regina Cat Rescue

The four kittens were recently found living in the streets of Regina with their mother. Regina Cat Rescue took them in after a family contacted the animal shelter about the strays.

Seeing as we're in the middle of a federal election campaign, Regina Cat Rescue named the cats after the four federal party leaders — Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair, Stephen Harper, and Elizabeth May. They even got coloured collars to match.

Sabrina Millis / Regina Cat Rescue

Just like their human counterparts, the little party leaders "love to challenge each other and can often be found sparring over important issues like use of the scratching post, access to the food dish and whose turn it is to snuggle with their foster mom," the shelter said in a blog post.

A Regina Cat Rescue volunteer told the Leader-Post the cats even share some personality traits with their namesakes.

Thomas is snuggly, Stephen is reserved, Justin is "a wild card,” and Elizabeth "definitely likes to kick things off and have some fun,” Rachel Molnar told the newspaper.

These four feline politicians are also asking for the public's support.

Sabrina Millis / Regina Cat Rescue

While their namesakes are on the campaign trail asking for votes, the kitten versions of Justin, Thomas, Stephen, and Elizabeth are seeking donations for their spay and neuter surgeries. They need about $100 each. Anyone who wants to join the cause can donate by Paypal or e-transfer.

This is the most important political decision you will make this year: Who's the cutest kitten?

  1. Which little politician stole your heart?

    Sabrina Millis / Regina Cat Rescue
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