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We Found The NDP's New Trudeau Attack Site And It's A Terrible Quiz

An embarrassment to quizzes!

This week the NDP registered two domain names: TrudeauVsTrudeau.com and its French counterpart, TrudeauContreTrudeau.com. They've now published a site at those domains, but have not announced it publicly. Here's what it looks like.

NDP / Via trudeauvstrudeau.ca

The site is ostensibly a quiz. But it's not much of one because each of the seven questions have the same correct answer, at least according to the NDP.

The first question is "Where does Trudeau Stand on a $15 Federal Minimum Wage?" (That's a proposal from the NDP, natch.)

Possible answers are:

  • In favour, Liberals voted for it in the House of Commons.
  • Against, he's campaigning against it in the election.
  • All of the above.

The site only accepts "All of the above" as the correct answer for this and all subsequent questions. Yes, they're trying to paint Trudeau as a flip flopper.

After you've clicked through all seven questions you are rewarded with... a request for your email address and postal code. So, basically, you have a set of questions that get predictable after the first one, and are then given the opportunity to be inundated with political emails.

We know a thing or two about quizzes here, and let's just say this ain't no "What Should Your Drunk Food Be?" or "Can You Tell If This Is A "Barenaked Ladies" Lyric Or Complete Gibberish?"

  1. How effective is the NDP's attack site?

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How effective is the NDP's attack site?
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    I don't want to see the words "All of the above" for a long time.
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    I stopped clicking after the second page.
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    My takeaway is that Justin Trudeau has an identical twin brother.
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    All of the above.

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