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Here's An Epic Dance-Off Between Two Of The Squarest Politicians In Canada

What is happening????

Toronto Mayor John Tory and Canadian Defence Minister Jason Kenney really let loose at Caribana.

The Grand Parade is always the highlight of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, better known as Caribana, the largest festival of its kind in North America. Saturday's parade was no different, but amid all the colourful outfits, joyous music and celebration of Caribbean culture, there was an epic showdown between two of the squarest politicians in Canada: Toronto Mayor John Tory and Canadian Defence Minister Jason Kenney.

The Toronto Sun's Nick Westoll was there to record this incredible footage:

Mayor @JohnTory and Defence Minister @jkenney just had a dance-off to start @TO_carnival.

Here's the reverse angle:

Of course, calling this a "dance-off" is being very charitable. Still, the crowd seems to have loved the show, and both men were declared winners.

Challenged @jkenney to a dance off at @TO_carnival. We both were declared winners! #TOpoli

  1. But who really won?

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But who really won?
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    John Tory.
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    Jason Kenney.
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    Both, for being good sports.
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    We are all losers in this.

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