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These People Will Send You Nudes On Instagram If You Can Prove You Voted

NSFW democracy ahead!

Every election, everyone always asks how to get young people to the polling station. But here's a novel idea: free, personalized nudes.

vots4nudes / Via

An artist and sexuality studies student in Montreal who goes by Jessica Simps is offering just that. The votes4nudes campaign will send you a saucy photo on Instagram if you can prove you've voted.


Simps told BuzzFeed Canada the whole thing was started on a whim.

"Honestly I was joking around on my Facebook feed and I offered BJs for votes and I thought I would make it maybe a little more accessible, maybe a little more realistic," she said.

Though it started with just Simps sending photos herself, now there's a team of 20 women across Canada calling themselves "Sluts Against Harper" sending the pictures.


While there's no men on the team for now, some have been submitting images for the campaign's Instagram account and NSFW Tumblr page.

Instagram has shut down their account twice now, but otherwise Simps said the response has been one of "overwhelming support."

And the best part? It's totally working. Simps said she's received proof from hundreds of Canadians who have voted early or with absentee ballots.


"I feel like I'm kind of at the front lines of it, seeing all the voter photos come in," said Simps. "There’s people testifying saying, 'hey this is a great idea, I never would have [voted] otherwise.'"

"It’s sparking conversations. It’s getting young people to talk to their friends."


Although the tone of the campaign is anti-Conservative, Simps isn't advocating voting for any particular party. Rather, she's a fan of strategic voting and

"Not only do we need voter turnout but if we’re going to use our votes wisely that site is really helpful," she said.

"I’m saying do your research, vote strategically."

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