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This Canadian Politician May Have Made The Worst Campaign Video Ever

It might also be the best.

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A federal Liberal candidate has made what some are calling the worst campaign video ever.

The video of Ron Planche making his pitch to other Liberals for the nomination in his Niagara riding was posted in early March, but is just starting to gain traction for qualities.

What the hell is going on here.

Why is the camera is so shaky? It looks like Planche is paddling a canoe across Lake Huron in November.

There's this thing called a stabilizer in most video editing software.

There's this other thing called a tripod.

Neither were used.

The video's music seems more suited to a bare-chested man wrestling a lion on a mountaintop, not a politician chatting about jobs from the foyer of a suburban home.

Oh, but it was all part of the plan, the video's director told the National Post.

"I was going for artsy and different with this one, while Ron stayed true and honest in his speech delivery," Nathan Cumberland said.

Get it, guys? It's just Dogme95.

The Syrup Trap, a Canadian humour mag, took the video's apparent profundity to the next level. The result is nothing short of epileptic transcendental genius:

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Meanwhile, the comments on the original video have not been kind.

Ooooo burn!

Things got a little dark.

Everyone always leaves, don't they, Ghostface89100?

But Planche isn't the type of guy to let the haters get him down. He's been doing his very best to get this pastiche of a video noticed.

He's tweeting the link to the National Post story at, like, everyone. Including himself.

For now, Planche can tell the critics to stick it: He got his nomination.

We laughed at Planche’s video — but it appears he had the last laugh after all.

Watch the full promo video, in all its weird awesomeness, here.

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