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This Badass Kid In A Stephen Harper Photo Op Just Won The Election

Introducing the Left Shark of #elxn42.

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On Friday, Stephen Harper was in Campbell River, B.C., to talk about nature.

Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press

Instead of the usual congregation of clappers, surrounding Harper at the announcement were some nice trees and scouts.

"Ok, I'll be a prop, but I'm going to be a damn cool looking prop!" - The kid in the middle.


@HannahThibedeau "And once I'm re-elected Prime Minister, hooligans like these three will no longer be allowed in National Parks."

Thus Middle Kid was born.

Forget Left Shark. Be the Middle Kid.

When I was that age, I wanted to be Middle Kid *so* badly, but really I wasn't even as cool as Right Kid.

Gotta earn the badges first.

The PM announces new funding for the next Wes Anderson flick.


Looks like Scouts Canada may not be too happy about the photo op, though.

Just a reminder that Scouts Canada members are not permitted to attend political events in uniform, we are non-partisan!

But in any case, adults are the worst.

Maybe kids don't get involved in politics because when they do, we dress them up in scouts costumes and then make fun of them on Twitter.

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