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Evan Solomon Is Back, And No One Can Remember Why He Left

The beloved political journalist and TV host is back after leaving journalism for reasons that escape us at the moment.

Evan Solomon has returned from his mysterious vacation. The popular journalist and TV host left the CBC in June for some reason. Was he sick or something? Anyway, he's back!

I'm really happy that @evanlsolomon is writing for us during the campaign. Here's his first piece. http://t.co/jemhY0MV4E

Pleased to bring @EvanLSolomon's political insight to @MacleansMag during #elxn42. Here's his first column -> http://t.co/JuJelQFyBt

Very happy to see this from Evan @MacleansMag: An air war, a street fight, a long march: @EvanLSolomon on #elxn42: http://t.co/FGwzjiYTXI"

Pleased to have @evanlsolomon with us for the campaign, contributing in words and video. Here's his first missive http://t.co/OY55Q7tCjE

Glad to see Solomon back on the ice https://t.co/cGAtsQwW7v

That said, you kids at home, don't sell expensive art to the people you're covering.

Wait, what was that last one? Ohhhhhhh riiiiiiiight.

When confronted by the Star, Solomon said "I have never been involved in an art business." When confronted a second time, he said “I have been involved in an art business and it is all disclosed to CBC.”

But that's all in the past. Solomon's back, baby! And neither SiriusXM, Maclean's, nor Solomon himself are making any reference to his being fired for breaching the CBC's code of ethics.