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He Wants To Be Canada's Next Prime Minister, But Maybe He Should Be A Weatherman

The NDP leader does not f*ck around when it comes to the forecast.

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On Wednesday morning, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair continued to try to prove how cool and chill he is by delivering the weather forecast on CHCH's morning show in Hamilton, Ont. Everyone seems to agree he nailed it.


Chalk it up to his baritone voice, or quick mastery of the "pickle" — that mysterious weather map remote — if you like. Or even the charmingly self-depricating "weather not-so-specialist" title he gave himself at the beginning.

He even gets all science-y, talking about the high-pressure system that's causing the glorious weather — but not before ever-so-slightly struggling to describe the weather map. He goes "weather area."


But do not fear. We've reimagined him as an undaunted weatherman so you don't have to.


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