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A Montreal Guy Put Up Election Signs For No Reason Whatsoever

"Not running for anything. I just wanted a sign."

When he's not posing next to a fridge full of Colt 45, Tyler Lemco is out on the streets of Montreal putting up election signs for himself.

Lemco made five signs with his smiling face on them. He's not affiliated with any party. And he really doesn't want your vote. As the sign says, "Not running for anything. I just wanted a sign."

Tyler Lemco / Via

Lemco is a Montreal writer and was previously part of the Epic Meal Time crew. He got the idea to make his own signs after seeing the election signs for Liberals in Quebec.

"I kind noticed that the Liberal ones were kids of dark and ominous and scary looking — they all look like bad guys from a Blade movie," Lemco tells BuzzFeed Canada. "I decided I’d try my hand at making my own."

I find these Liberal signs in Quebec City to be very stylized #elxn42

"Like, what else am I gonna spend my money on? Food? Clothes? Nah, F that. Campaign signs."

Lemco also likes to pose with the signs, looking hard as fuck.

Or just hungover?

Seriously, though, he does not want your vote.

Tyler Lemco / Via Twitter: @tlemco

What if his signs create a groundswell of support that lands him in the House of Commons?

"Then we’re all in trouble," he said.

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