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So Many People Are Taking Voting Selfies That Elections Canada Is Now Giving Them Advice

Keep voting, but please selfie outside.

Advance polls are open, which means awesome people are voting — and taking selfies to document the moment.

Holy shit. I can't wait to selfie myself voting.

I know, right?

But take note! Some people are taking selfies inside polling places, which is not allowed, you guys.

My campus had lineups 10 deep to vote #elxn42 Most first time voters being told to stop taking selfies doing it!

Elections Canada has been tweeting out a reminder to take your #VotingSelfie outside the polling place.

Want to take a voting selfie? Great! Take it outside the polling place. #elxn42

So, for example, this adorable family voter selfie is OK because they're in line outside the polling place.

She's also outside, so this is an officially acceptable election selfie.

Students are voting in impressive numbers. Marc Mayrand, the chief electoral officer, told CBC prior to the weekend that 42,000 students had already voted. 😎 🇨🇦

Elections Canada also said that 850,000 Canadians voted on the first day of advance polls, a 26% increase from the same day in 2011.

So vote! And selfie! But, wait, are those gymnastics rings? Looks like you're inside a polling station, and that's a no-no.

Nicely done.

Done! First time voting in federal election selfie. Only waited in line for 30 mins. When are you voting? #elxn42

Looking great (and legal), you two.

Our ballots are cast! Let the long weekend begin. #voteselfie #elexn42

Nailed it.

Proud of this après #voteselfie #cdnpoli #elexn42 @VotePartyCanada

This pair took their selfie before they voted. That also works.

Pre voting selfie with @Axe1331 at the Haliburton legion. #hklbvotes #AnyoneButHarper #democracyinaction

"Go vote please!!!"

Voting selfie! Polls are open from noon to 8pm all weekend! Go vote please!!! #cdnpoli

Outside and in the clear.

Love the looks.

Voting selfie! #specialballot #youthvote @ElectionsCan_E

A final word of caution: it's not acceptable to take a series of photos inside a polling station to get people excited to vote. Nope.


The Instagram of a family voting selfie was taken in the lineup outside of a polling place. This article mistakenly said the photo had been taken inside the polling place. We apologize for the mistake.

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