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Explaining Rap Lyrics Will Get You Fired As An Election Candidate In Canada

It seems just commenting on lyrics like "you smell like ballsacks and nachos" can end your political career in Canada.

The bar for getting getting kicked out of the federal election is now so low that even explaining the lyrics of a comedic rap video on YouTube can get you dropped as a candidate. That's what happened to former Conservative politician Blair Dale Tuesday.


Dale was one of two candidates who were dumped Tuesday. The Liberals also fired Alberta candidate Chris Austin for comments he made online.

This is happening a lot recently. But in the case of Blair Dale, who was running in the Newfoundland riding of Bonavista-Burin-Trinity, it's hard to tell exactly what he said that got him the boot.

Dale was dropped Tuesday after his internet history was outlined on the website Some Random Political Blog,

His chief sin seems to be extensively explaining the lyrics to a song on the website Rap Genius. The song was the Adam vs. Eve episode of Epic Rap Battles of History.

Epic Rap Battles of History / Via

The Adam and Eve episode features Youtube star Jenna Marbles arguing with series co-creator Lloyd Ahlquist about married life.

Dale offers deadpan explanations for such lines as "you take two hours to come, three more to get dressed." (His analysis: "women can take a long time to reach orgasm, as opposed to the short time for men.")

And the line "you smell like ballsacks and nachos." ("Eve is saying that Adam smells bad. Probably true since modern hygienic practices had not been invented.")

So what exactly did Dale say to get himself canned? Conservative spokesman Kory Teneycke would only say his comments were "incompatible with our party."

Some Random Political Blog also reported separate posts by Dale, including one on the number of black actors in Hollywood films.

But rather than opposing diversity, he described the amount of people of colour in movies as "less than ideal" and encouraged moviegoers to only spend their money on films with more diverse casts.

Dale also said creationism should be taught side-by-side with evolution in schools because "students should hear both sides." He said abortions should be available in cases such as rape but "not just for being irresponsible."

This actually puts him somewhere around the centre of the Conservative Party on the issue.

Even the guy who wrote the blog post on Dale is now outraged that they fired him.

You can add "translating an argument between two biblical figures in a comedy YouTube series" to the growing list of things that will get you turfed from the federal election.

The solution? Never go on the internet, ever. That or actually have a shot at being elected.

Has any party yet jettisoned a candidate in a riding the party could have expected to have a decent chance of winning?