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Posted on Sep. 23, 2015

15 Campaign Signs That Are Actually Winning This Canadian Election

Making this season less campaignful.

1. When cats started running for office. Not a joke. Please vote Deborah.

2. Or Kalinka.

If you know what's right for this country.

3. When the real winners of the Harper vs. NDP lawn fight were Dave and Doug.

Create yr own #elxn42 sign! Creative NDP campaign strategy in Stephen Harper's riding

4. When someone put a tiny tinfoil hat on Elizabeth May. SICK BURN!

5. When Vader finally put his name in and we're all obligated to vote for him 'cause he's dad.

6. Which had a huge influence on Yoda running, obvs.

An election campaign sign like no other pops up in Halifax #voteyoumust

7. And then Gowron was like well fine WTH.

8. But then emerged a very strong opponent.

9. When Mark Eyking didn't let a little literal defacement get in the way of campaigning.

@Scott_Simms @althiaraj #nlpoli Someone did this, albeit neatly, so @MarkEyking_MP filled in for himself ;) #elex42

Mark continues to go around and stand in for his missing face for five hours at a time. Can you imagine?

10. And when SOMEONE did this to Randall Garrison's neighbouring signs but left Randall Garrison's sign perfectly fine!

Can you imagine?! People these days. Randall Garrison: You are a lucky one!

11. When this candidate was told that it wouldn't work, but she refused to accept "no" and got a custom-fitted longways sign.

12. When we all imagined what Tom Mulcair would look like as a Minecraft character.

Anybody else see Minecraft in the NDP lawn signs? #elxn42

13. Anonymous... blink twice if this is you.

14. When the folks at 79 Sunset totally blew up Erin Weir's spot. Damn, ruthless.

15. And one man stuck the only truthful sign for any party running right now across any lawn in Canada.


Conservative candidate Effie Triantafilopoulos is a woman. This post initially referred to her as a man, and we apologize for the mistake.

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