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A P.E.I. Journalist Laid Down The Heat On Stephen Harper Over Mike Duffy

This Prince Edward Island reporter was not all that interested in the prime minister's lobster announcement.

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Sometimes, certain national media personalities, whilst seated upon their lofty Toronto-or-Ottawa thrones, assume that lowly local reporters are incapable of asking federal politicians tough questions.

Yeesh. CBC announcer says one might expect the local PEI reporter to ask Harper about potatoes, rather than Mike Duffy.

Boy, were they wrong on Thursday.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was at a Prince Edward Island potato warehouse making a funding announcement for the lobster industry.

I still don't understand why Harper is making a lobster announcement in a potato warehouse #elxn42

On the campaign trail, Harper refuses to take more than five questions per day. National media get four questions, local media get one.

Enter reporter Teresa Wright from The Guardian, the newspaper serving the island province.

Adrian Wyld / The Canadian Press

She used her one question to ask the prime minister why he had appointed Mike Duffy — who's currently on trial for fraud, bribery, and breach of trust — as a P.E.I senator despite everyone on the island knowing he didn't actually live there.


PEI's @GuardianTeresa to PM Harper, re: Duffy: "Everyone in this room could tell you he was not a resident of PEI."

How's that for a softball question, CBC?

Back in the studio, the CBC host tried to justify their earlier remarks.

CBC announcer doubles down on local-reporter-as-puff angle, says they typically lob softball q's, but not the "Charlottetown Guardian."


The lesson here? Don't fuck with local media.

Let that be a lesson to people who would underestimate the Charlottetown Guardian

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