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16 Non-Canadians Who Have The Hots For Canada's Next Prime Minister

Take a cold shower, world.

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2. This fellow from Brisbane, Australia.

Well the new Prime Minister of Canada, @JustinTrudeau, is HOT. Don't get to say that about many politicians :p

3. Like, damn, Australia.

Shit, Canada's new PM is totally hot. Not sure that's ever been the case of any politician ever.


4. You guys OK?

Canada just got a really hot PM and I'm feeling all warm inside

5. This person offering hearty congratulations from Pakistan.

Congratulations Canada! Your new leader is hot!

6. Hellooooo.

Canada's new prime minister is really freaking hot. Hello Canada 🇨🇦


7. Thanks, Sugar Tits!

In other news, the new Canadian PM is like dad hot. Congrats, Canada

8. Our colleague in New York.

The new Canadian prime minister is implausibly good looking

9. This guy in the U.K. who's coming around.


10. Probably fair.

Canada's new First Couple is hot, but still not Barack and Michelle levels of hot. Sorrr-yyy.

11. Make it happen, internet.

america and canada both have hot national leaders for the first time like ever so are we shipping trudobama or what

12. Thanks!

For real though, congrats Canada on your hot grown-up-Hogwarts-student Prime Minister


13. Too kind.

Congrats on your super hot PM, Canada. Well done, voters.

14. You did it, Canada!

The new Canadian PM is pretty hot! Nice one #Canada! #CanadianElection

15. People are angry about their attraction.

okay, going to bed instead of being mildly outraged at canada's hot prime minister

16. So watch out.

Justin Trudeau is so hot like Canada I'm coming for you