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Someone In The House Of Commons Deleted The Rick Dykstra Underage Drinking Story From Wikipedia

Somebody using a House computer thought Dykstra was getting a bad rap online.

Someone using a House of Commons IP address cleansed Conservative candidate Rick Dykstra's Wikipedia page of some embarrassing details this week.

Rick Dykstra Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Canadian House of Commons

The unidentified user stripped all references to Dykstra being photographed last month drinking with underage girls at a bar in his riding of St. Catharines, Ontario. BuzzFeed Canada first reported that one girl, then aged 16, said she was offered a bribe to deny drinking with Dykstra.

The Wikipedia page had attributed the story to the Canadian Press, who picked it up afterward. The editor, presumably a House of Commons employee, argued the reference should be deleted because "CP didn't report that."

The Wikipedia user also deleted a reference to an 2010 investigation into Dykstra's behaviour by the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner. The Commissioner found that Dykstra solicted funds from people with whom he had official dealings, but that he did not break the rules (though she said the rules should maybe be revised).

The user argued this should be taken out because "Ethics Commissioner saying he didn't break rules is not notable."

Here's a before-and-after look at the controversies section of Dykstra's Wikipedia page.


The editor did choose to draw the line somewhere, as he or she left in a story from 2009 about Rick Dykstra using his blackberry at a Remembrance Day ceremony.

Unless the House decides to track down exactly which computer was tied to the edits, we'll never know who was behind them because multiple computers share the same IP address.

Paul McLeod is a politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Washington, DC.

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