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Posted on Oct. 12, 2015

A Conservative MP Tweeted The Most Amazing Reminder To Vote In Advance Polls

Don't forget to vote early if U will B away moose hunting.

Lots of people are encouraging citizens to vote in advance polls this weekend. But Conservative MP Larry Miller from Ontario is the hands down winner for the most creative and ultra-Canadian reminder.

Adrian Wyld / The Canadian Press

Here's his masterpiece of voter engagement.

If U will B away moose hunting on Election Day pls vote b4 you go Election 2015 a very important election 4 Canada

The pose, the phrasing, the reminder that fall moose season is upon us... 💯

At least one person got the message.

I'll be hunting mule deer on the 19th so I voted today!

And yes, he's the same Larry Miller who apologized back in March for saying that Muslim women who wear the niqab at citizenship ceremonies should "stay the hell where you came from."

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