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This Liberal Bus Fail Has Design Nerds Making The Best Puns


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On Tuesday, the Liberal Party unveiled its big, shiny, new campaign tour buses after an early election call came over the weekend.

Ready to roll out. Here’s a sneak peek at our #elxn42 campaign buses!

Aren't they just wonderful?

Great design on the new @liberal_party bus! We're ready to roll! #cdnpoli

Wait, did you say something about the design?

Designers: notice what went wrong with the Liberal bus? HINT: #MyriadPro #elxn42 #design #typography

Myriad Pro is the default font in some design programs. Basically, there seems to have been an error that caused the graphics to be printed with the plain default font instead of the proper Liberal campaign font.

Compare & contrast #realchange: the art for #TeamTrudeau's bus wraps just wasn't ready. (h/t @jasonwagar) #elxn42

But note that Fancie works for the NDP.


Some picked up on another issue — "kerning" — a design process that can be used to get rid of those weird spaces between the letters.

Real ke r nin g. Looks like someone forgot to convert to outlines. #MyriadPro #LPC #RealChange #elxn42 #cdnpoli

@CrissaKentavr @Singedrac Always convert to outlines. Always.

"Converting to outlines" is apparently a way of modifying fonts to make sure they print properly.

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