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The Best Reactions To Eve Adams Losing In Eglinton-Lawrence

Eve Adams is out, and the internet had a lot to say.

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When Conservative MP Eve Adams crossed the floor in February, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau welcomed her with open arms.

Chris Wattie / Reuters

A Tory parliamentary secretary representing the riding of Mississauga-Brampton South, Adams was parachuted into another riding across town — Eglinton-Lawrence — to seek the Liberal nomination. A victory would have seen her take on former colleague and current Finance Minister Joe Oliver.

With Adams came her fiancé, Dimitri Soudas, who happens to be the former director of communications and advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Not everyone was happy, though. Conservatives — and even some Liberals — said the move was more opportunistic than ideological, since Adams had been banned from running as a Tory in the next election.

The thing is, there was already a longtime local Liberal seeking the nomination in Eglinton-Lawrence. Marco Mendicino, a former federal prosecutor, had been campaigning for months before the surprise arrival of Adams.

1. Some reactions were pretty sassy, like the always-on-point InfoAlerteBot.

Ah, Albertastan.

2. And Conservative MP Michelle Rempel, who went full Emma Stone.

Apropos of nothing,


3. Joe Oliver quickly threw some shade, too, by basically saying Mendicino is doomed.

"In spite of any forthcoming statement to the contrary, I doubt Justin Trudeau shares my welcome, since the leader of the Liberal Party orchestrated a highly criticized and controversial effort to support the candidacy of Ms. Eve Adams. What it means for Mr. Mendicino's future in the Liberal Party to have thwarted the will of his leader can only be guessed."

Uhhh, so how's that economy doing?

5. And then there were those who kept it pretty deadpan.


6. ...some with more Alberta references.

Dear Canadian Politics, It is not surprising when a floor-crosser loses a nomination for their new party. Love, Alberta Politics

Not everything is about you, Alberta.

7. Everyone is right!

Amazing how the results #EgLaw managed to just confirm everyone's preconceived notions.

8. The sarcasm crew kept their game strong.

No one saw this coming . (Sarcasm font)

9. Oh no, please no.

Looking forward to three days of Eve Adams thinkpieces.


10. Others resorted to interpreting the news through art.

Eve of Destruction...

We see what you did there.

11. Others quite literally interpreted it through art.

In #EgLaw, the Grits have rejected A candidate who had defected And wasn’t at all A person you’d call Especially widely respected.


...wait, wrong event.

13. And, lastly, we're just going to leave this here.

Congrats on all the hard work to @marcomendicino, our new LPC candidate in #EgLaw. And congrats to @MPEveAdams on a hard fought campaign.

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