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People Made Fun Of Harper's Imaginary Netflix Tax With Imaginary Netflix Titles

"Along Came Poilievre."

Nothing engages the ~youth vote~ quite like exposing threats to our precious Netflix, right?

I love movies and TV shows. I'm 100% against a #Netflix tax. Always have been, always will be #NoNetflixTax #elxn42

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper released a video saying we should all be very concerned about politicians (not him, obviously) trying to create a "Netflix tax." (He also revealed that Breaking Bad is one of his favourite shows.)

Neither the Liberals or the NDP actually have plans for this alleged tax, the Toronto Sun reported, making the whole thing prime for mockery via hashtag.

Thus, #HarperANetflixShow was born, delivering such gems as The Baird Witch Project.

BuzzFeed Canada

The Baird Witch Project #harperANetflixShow

And Along Came Poilievre.

BuzzFeed Canada

Along Came Poilievre #HarperANetflixShow #elxn42 #cdnpoli

And Orange Is The New Blue.

Netflix // BuzzFeed Canada

I'm sure someone has thought of this but: OITNB: Orange Is The New Blue :) #HarperANetflixShow #elxn2015 #ndp #cpc

Good punning, everyone.

Silence of the Scientists #HarperANetflixShow

Better Robocall Saul #HarperANetflixShow

Parks and Prorogation. Unconstitutional Law & Order. #HarperANetflixShow

The Incredible Sulk #HarperANetflixShow

Only 73 days to go!

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