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    Hozier Just Turned Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down" Into A Serious Bop

    "Can I lay down a bop?"

    By now you've probably cried yourself to sleep many times listening to Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down."

    A person can only take so much song-induced bawling!

    Thankfully, Hozier went on BBC Radio 1 to lift our spirits with his upbeat cover of "Lay Me Down."

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    Hozier's take on the tune manages to keep the soul while making it a happy jam.

    And his version of the bridge just makes you wanna groove!

    Of course, it's no surprise that Hozier picked "Lay Me Down." The singer couldn't contain his love for Sam at the Grammys and wrote him a gushy note.

    Thankfully, the feeling is mutual. Sam totally digs the cover!

    Brother @Hozier - fucking love the Live Lounge cover!!!! Anything you sing makes me heart jump xx Big kisses sir xx

    And we're feelin' it too!