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    25 Wedding Ideas To Fall In Love With In September

    Gorgeous inspiration + genius tips.

    1. This ridiculously stylish couple.

    2. This "I MUST NOT FORGET" bag.

    3. This gorgeous bride and her gorgeous smile and her gorgeous effing hair.

    4. And her flowers.

    5. And her beautiful bridesmaids, giving us #SquadGoals.

    6. These perfect flutes for your champagne toast.

    7. This so-in-love pair.

    8. This very real statement.


    10. This brilliant way to send a clear message.

    11. These custom-painted wedding shoes.

    12. This dreamy anniversary photo shoot.

    13. This fun bridesmaid gift idea.

    14. This beautiful couple.

    15. And these two cuties.

    16. These painted hankies.

    17. This chill engagement session.

    18. This beautiful bridal baby bump.

    19. This excellent doughnut display.

    20. This queen.

    21. Just chilling on her amazing floral swing.

    22. This chic jumpsuit.

    23. The perfect way to tell someone you love them.

    Facebook: video.php

    Drawn with edible ink by Laura Hooper Calligraphy for BuzzFeed Life.

    24. Or just to let people know which cheese is which.

    25. These helpful new ideas for using Mason jars in your wedding.

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