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37 Holiday Self-Care Tips For Anyone Who Is Kind Of Not OK RN

We don’t live in Hallmark movies; we live in the real world, where shitty families, breakups, divorces, miscarriages, death, unemployment, depression, anxiety, addiction, violence, and good ol'-fashioned bad times exist — yes, even at Christmas.

Anna Borges One year ago

The Goodful Better Living Starter Pack

Our entire mission is to give you advice and information that is practical, realistic, accessible, genuinely inspiring, and actually attainable. We believe that your time and money is valuable, and we don’t intend to waste either.

Rachel Wilkerson Miller One year ago

The Goodful Physical Health Starter Pack

Our goal is to help you understand your body; to provide you with accurate, non-shamey information; and to inspire you to treat your body — and others’ bodies — with kindness, respect, and dignity.

Rachel Wilkerson Miller One year ago

The Goodful Self-Care Starter Pack

There’s no “right” way to practice self-care, but we hope these posts will help you build a self-care kit filled with tools that help you feel a tiny bit better.

Rachel Wilkerson Miller One year ago