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25 Things Every Grown-Ass Adult Should Have

Small tweaks that will have a big impact on your home and your life.

1. An Expanding File Folder

2. A Working Printer

3. Things Hung Upon the Walls

4. A Simple Tool Kit & a Drill

5. A Workable To-Do List & Calendar

6. This Broom

7. A Fireproof Box

8. Extra Unopened Toothbrushes

9. A Glue Gun

10. Reusable Latex Gloves

One of the biggest light bulb moments I had in my twenties was when I realized I hate cleaning and gross chores dramatically less when I'm wearing latex gloves. It's amazing how much easier they make it — mentally anyway — to do tasks like cleaning the bathroom, dealing with clogged drains or a fucked-up garbage disposal, scrubbing unspeakable things out of grout (PET OWNERSHIP FTW)... Latex gloves + an old apron is my superhero outfit for mega chore days.

Also let's all take a moment to appreciate these low-key genius gloves with scouring pads built in (!!) that my co-worker Jess has/loves.

11. A Sponge Holder

12. A "Just Got Home" Routine

13. A Plunger

14. The Names and Numbers of Professional Problem-Solvers

15. Flashlights and/or Candles + Matches*

16. The Name of Your City Councilperson

17. A Stash of Cards + Stamps

18. Cloth Napkins

19. The Name of Your Police Precinct and the Non-Emergency Number

20. A Plant — That You Actually Know How to Take Care of

21. The Name & Number of the Nearest 24-Hour Emergency Vet

22. A Library Card

23. The Name of at Least One of Your Neighbors

Maybe I watch too much crime TV (I mean, I definitely do) but when I've lived alone, I've always appreciated having a few neighbors who know my face and name and can tell the cops if they haven't seen me for a few days. Even if you have roommates, it's still a good idea.

24. A Spot to Meet in the Event of a Fire

25. Velvet No-Slip Hangers That Match