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    19 Gorgeous "She Sheds" That You'll Want To Retreat To ASAP

    TBH, some of these are nicer than my actual house.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    "She shed" is a kind of terrible name for a concept that's actually pretty cool: a female alternative to the "man cave," AKA a dedicated space where a gal can go to read, work on her hobbies, or just get five minutes of peace.

    Here are some truly dreamy ones from the book She Sheds: A Room of Your Own.

    1. This shed, which the owner had dreamed about for years, and finally got herself as a milestone birthday gift:

    Mary McCachern

    2. This rustic San Luis Obispo space:

    Sarah Greenman

    To me, you are Pinterest-perfect.

    Sarah Greenman

    3. This gorgeous gardening shed:

    Becky Sanks-Hogg and Anissa Crane

    4. This California space, which features loads of upcycled materials:

    Kim Snyder |

    The windows, which the owner's friend had in her barn, are 50 years old but had never been used.

    Kim Snyder |

    5. This classy little spot:

    Kim Manning

    The shingles! The DOORS!!! The owner, an avid horsewoman, uses it to store all of her tacking, and as a place to display the awards she's won at horse shows.

    6. This sunny studio, where the owner, a jewelry maker, goes to work:

    Joan Drews

    It's insulated and wired for electricity, and means the owner no longer has to use her blowtorch in the house. 😊

    Joan Drews

    7. This airy shed, which the owner, a floral designer, uses to create arrangements for wedding clients:

    Anne Wells

    8. This modern stunner:

    Cody Ulrich


    Cody Ulrich

    9. This East Texas shed, which is made almost entirely from salvaged and upcycled materials:

    Mark Gaynor

    10. This simple modern space, where the owner paints and teaches art classes:

    Tamara Armstrong

    11. This little charmer, which looks like a playhouse for grown-ups:

    Susan Mintun


    The owner uses it as a studio for sketching.

    Susan Mintun

    12. Prefer a more modern look? Check out this one:

    Studio Sheds

    It's also very ~green~. Learn more here.

    13. Or this one:

    Dominic Bonuccelli

    It actually sits behind the owner's historic home.

    14. There's also this Spanish-style shed:

    Jeff Doubet

    15. And this gorgeous glass house:

    Sarah Greenman

    Of the shed's 30 windows, all but eight of them can actually be opened. It was built entirely with recycled materials, and though it took two years to finish, it only cost $600.

    16. This all-American space, which started as a purchased tool shed:

    Jeff Doubet

    The owner's husband customized it.

    10/10, would go there to text.

    Jeff Doubet

    17. This simple book-filled cabin:

    Ann Possis

    18. This eclectic space:

    Kim Snyder |

    19. And this gorgeous hexagon-shaped shed, which sits on the edge of an award-winning garden:

    Stacy Bass

    Despite the elegant exterior, it's actually very practical — it's just used for regular old storage.


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