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    Where President Kanye West Stands On The Issues

    "I am God." —Kanye for President 2020

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    Kanye announced the the MTV VMAs that he would be running for president in 2020.

    What does a Kanye presidency look like? What does he believe? What measures does he support? How does he compare to the current presidential candidates?

    Fortunately, we've collected Kanye's stances on important issues so you, the voter, can make an educated decision on whether you support Kanye for President 2020.

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    Let's take a look at where Kanye stands compared to Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

    He is the most religious:

    Dan Meth/Buzzfeed

    From this, we can assume he is more pro-family than any other candidate:

    Dan Meth/Buzzfeed

    Kanye let his experience be his standard for the insanely high cost of college:

    Dan Meth/Buzzfeed

    Kanye is both an artist and an entrepreneur:

    Dan Meth/Buzzfeed

    Kanye is decidedly pro–gun control:

    Dan Meth/Buzzfeed

    Weed can't be illegal if our PRESIDENT is doing it, right?

    Dan Meth/Buzzfeed

    I guess Kanye would replace Obamacare with vibration therapy?

    Dan Meth/Buzzfeed

    That means, if elected, Kanye would be the first God-driven, family values candidate who also supports gun control and marijuana use. He would be the ultimate liberal-conservative hybrid.

    Usa Today Sports / USA Today Sports

    Plus, given his penchant for reading, he would definitely want to simplify the tax code. Wow. Call me crazy, but I think I'm sold. Put me in a time machine and take me there.


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