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Lumbersexual, Bearded Ryu Will Sexually Awaken Your Fighting Spirit

Are you Shoryuken handle it?

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Well, in the upcoming game Street Fighter V, they gave him a beard in an alternative costume. And it's...incredibly hot?


You can get the "Hot Ryu" outfit by pre-ordering at Gamestop. There are other alternative costumes too, but WHO CARES RYU HAS A BEARD.


The thirst was so real that #HotRyu ACTUALLY trended on Twitter in some places.

#HotRyu trending is top moment of 2015. We've out done ourselves as a species and I'm so god damn proud.

#HotRyu is the sensitive type.

Hot Ryu throws you a fireball in the shape of a heart. It hits you, but it disperses into a pleasant, full body tickle. #HotRyu

Hot Ryu whispering into your ear that he's always admired your footwork #HotRyu


He takes care of himself and that's garnered him a few fans.

I'm just going to leave tonight's sketch of #hotryu right here. @StreetFighter @Capcom_Unity #SFV

All in all, pretty risky business for Capcom.

Late I know. But I think I found a reason to buy the new Street Fighter game. #hotryu

I guess we know who can play Ryu if there’s another Street Fighter movie #hotryu

#HotRyu, we salute you, you street-fighting, garbage-gloved lumbersexual.