Reporting To You X




It's time to test your knowledge, tributes, witches, and wizards.

Because the end is only just the beginning.

Do you know your prepositions from your pronouns? Prove it here.

Irregardless, you need to read this.

Pray to Dumbledore you are not Umbridge.

Can you believe it's been 21 years since this ~classic~ was released?

The quest to catch 'em all starts with one!

No time like the present. The Amazon Fire Phone comes with an amazing camera, free unlimited cloud storage for your photos, immersive video games, music, movies, and more. With all that, what else could you possibly need?

Or X-Woman, if you'd prefer.

Because a middle-ground does not exist.

Two tours of the city, condensed with one photo slider.

Trivia night’s always right around the corner, after all. Which is why the Amazon Fire Phone gives you a head start with Firefly technology that recognizes millions of movies, TV shows, songs, and more, while X-Ray for movies can reveal facts about your favorite actors, characters, and soundtracks.

Some selfies should never be deleted. With the Amazon Fire Phone you get free, unlimited cloud storage for all your photos. So you never have to lose another perfect pose.

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