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This Indian Snack Contains An Illegal Substance But Almost No One Has A Clue

We even asked the shopkeepers who sell the stuff.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Muslim Women Are Responding To Trump Using The #CanYouHearUsNow Hashtag

The Republican presidential candidate criticised the mother of a Muslim American soldier for "having nothing to say." But now Muslim women are making sure their voices are heard.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Government "Unlikely" To Meet Its Target To Resettle 20,000 Syrian Refugees, MPs Warn

A report from the home affairs select committee said not enough was being done to meet Britain's commitment to give asylum to 20,000 Syrians by 2020.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Momentum Plans Rival Events During Labour Party Conference

The four-day programme is called The World Transformed.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Jeremy Corbyn Wins Fight To Automatically Appear On Leadership Ballot

The high court judgment paves the way for Labour's leadership contest to go ahead this summer.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

"The Unacceptable Face Of Capitalism": Philip Green Condemned By Parliamentary Inquiry Over BHS Collapse

In a searing report published on Monday, the billionaire knighted for services to retail is accused of enriching himself and his family at the expense of 11,000 jobs and 20,000 people's pensions.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

John McDonnell Makes Direct Appeal To Labour MPs And Members Not To "Destroy" Party

"We've got to stop this now. We've got to unite," the shadow chancellor said, after claims a member of his staff had entered the office of a former shadow cabinet member without her permission.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Here Are All The Labour MPs Who Have Two Jobs In The Shadow Cabinet

Jeremy Corbyn has six MPs doing jobs meant for 12 different people.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Here Are Some Of The Victims Of The Nice Attack

The attack during a Bastille Day celebration in the French city killed 85 people.

Liz Truss Has Become The UK's First Female Lord Chancellor

Theresa May has made a series of changes to the cabinet, and a number of women have been appointed to key roles.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

8-Year-Old Was Referred To Deradicalisation Programme After Wearing A T-Shirt At School

Rights Watch UK said the government's deradicalisation programme should be "repealed and abandoned".

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Angela Eagle Says Corbyn Must "Get Control" Of His Supporters After Attack On Her Office

“It is bullying,” the Labour leadership challenger said as she called for an urgent stop to the behaviour.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

31 Things We Learned From Reading A Decade's Worth Of Blog Posts By Andrea Leadsom

She's one vote away from becoming prime minister, but just who is Andrea Leadsom? The blog she's been running since 2006 offers some clues...

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Labour MP Naz Shah Confirms She's Being Reinstated To The Party

The MP was suspended in April over posts about Israel on Facebook that triggered an anti-Semitism row in the party.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Jeremy Corbyn Reported To Compliance Unit After Appearing To Compare Actions Of Israel To ISIS

"Corbyn's suggestion of moral equivalence between Israel and ISIS is outrageous, unacceptable, and a betrayal of global Labour values," the leader of the Israeli Labour party said.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Michael Gove Joins Tory Leadership Contest Saying Boris Johnson "Cannot Provide Leadership" The UK Needs

The justice secretary, who campaigned alongside the former London mayor for Britain to leave the EU, said he will offer "unity and change".

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Senior Tory Says Leadership Candidates Must Pledge Not To Run Divisive Campaigns

Conservative peer Sayeeda Warsi said it was crucial for any new leader to unite the country.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Brexit Supporter Uses The Slur "Paki" While Talking To BBC Reporter But Says He's Not Racist

The journalist said she hadn't heard the offensive term in her hometown of Basingstoke for 30 years.

Siraj Datoo 3 years ago

Jeremy Corbyn Challenges His Labour Opponents To Call A Leadership Election

The Labour leader said that if MPs want a change of leadership they should trigger a contest and put the decision to ordinary members.

Jim Waterson 3 years ago

Live Updates: Blair Says "The Will Of The People Is Entitled To Change" On Brexit

The Leave campaign won the historic Brexit referendum with 52% of the vote.

Alicia Melville-Smith 3 years ago