This Picture Definitively Proves That Boris Johnson Has No Idea How To Play A Guitar

    Might need to sort out that capo.

    Boris Johnson has been pictured playing a guitar and it definitively proves he has no idea how to play it.

    Although the picture is a few months old – it was taken last year in London Bridge Station – it was revived after a comedy writer, Robin Flavell, posted it to Twitter.

    Not sure what's wrong? Look at where the mayor of London's fingers are and where he's placed the capo.

    A capo can be placed on the strings of a guitar so you can play a song in a different key. It pinches all the strings across a particular fret, essentially shortening the strings, raising each string by a key as you move down the fret.

    The capo shortens the playing space, so both his hands would be closer together, both toward the body of the guitar. In the picture, his left hand is on the wrong side of the capo, so it wouldn't make any difference to the notes being played.

    It's safe to say that people noticed.

    Boris m8 ur hand is the wrong side of the capo

    Some were a little patronising.

    @Johnny_Marr no but he's playing above the capo 😂😂 aw bless little Boris

    Boris that is not how a capo works Boris. Boris. Plz.

    While others just assumed it was part of his bumbling charm and gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    @Johnny_Marr Boris does have his hand on the wrong side of the capo. It must be avant garde stuff...

    Never change, Boris.

    Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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