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    21 Things You'll Only Get If You're A Stereotypical Gay Man

    Yaaaas queen!

    1. You're 100% a cat person.

    2. Unless you're more of a dog person...

    3. ...Or you could be into marine life.

    4. You love to travel.

    5. But you only travel between working hard at your job.

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    6. And on those days - coffee is your everything!

    7. Unless you hate coffee, then you probably drink other things.

    8. You like your drinks like you like your men: strong and full of alcohol.

    9. You love partying with your friends.

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    10. But sometimes you just can't resist a quiet night in.

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    11. And after a long day, you need to tuck yourself in and have a good night's sleep.

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    12. If your friends could describe you in one way, they'd say you love to laugh.

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    hahaha lol.

    13. Sometimes you look to the sky, wondering if there's life on other planets, or if we're completely alone.

    Antonioguillem / Getty Images

    14. You love listening to music.

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    15. You have your favourite movie and you will defend it to the end of the earth.

    16. Although you don't mind some outdoorsy activities once in a while.

    17. Unless it's cold out - then you love to snuggle up and keep warm.

    18. You know EXACTLY what he means when he texts you this. ;)

    Mat Whitehead

    19. You think pizza is amazing.

    20. Unless you don't love pizza, because there are other foods to love too!

    21. Oh, plus you're mad for cock.

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