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June 1, 2012

"No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z and Kanye West Helmed by French director Romain Gavras and set in Prague, the video for “No Church in the Wild” is full of social unrest, citizen upheaval, Molotov cocktails and political symbolism (or at least th…

Nylon Party - Fun People + Being thiiiis close to Shirley Manson On Wednesday me and some other Buzznet chicks went to the Nylon Party. It was at the Roxy which is a really cool legendary venue in Hollywood but what really made the night was that Ga…

The latest viral buzz from

Anne V who? Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine stepped out with a new lady on Thursday, Namibian model Behati Prinsloo, and packed on the PDA, kissing and holding hands as they enjoyed each other’s company in Hawaii.

More details are in on this week’s zombie-like face-eating attack between two homeless guys. Now in critical condition, victim Ronald Poppo had 75 percent of his face eaten. Attacker Rudy Eugene says he was high on a synthetic drug made of bath salt…

With just one episode left before Kim Zolciak's ceremony airs on Bravo's Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding, the reality star gave viewers the ultimate glimpse into her big day prep: She took off her wig in an attempt to figure out her wedding day hairs…

OXON HILL, Md. — Snigdha Nandipati heard a few words she didn't know during the National Spelling Bee, but never when she stepped to the microphone. Calm and collected throughout, the 14-year-old from San Diego spelled "guetapens," a French-derived …

A Hong Kong tabloid (this one, though the story has been removed) claims that a disgraced Chinese politician named Bo Xilai ratted out actress Zhang Ziyi by saying he paid to have sex with her 10 times between 2007 and 2011.

Celebrations of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee are about to begin! In honor of QE2, enjoy this look at the colorful spectrum of her monochromatic outfits.

You're just going to have to trust me on this one.

What if you wanted to aesthetically base your life on this movie? First of all, you need to make sure your surroundings look like a vintage postcard from Maine. Secondly, you have to be totally copacetic with smelling like a musty attic at all times.

By making everything much cuter.


It’s not giving too much away to say that Prometheus is a prequel to Alien, though another film will be needed to bridge the time gap between the two.

A story in four pictures. This is what really happened to Schrodinger's cat.

Will spectacles as inherently sexist as beauty pageants ever die? The Fashion Mailbag says, depressing as they can be, they're probably not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

Not that he's bitter. Of course, this movie in hindsight should've warned us about Lucas's long, painful decline.

And it has thrice the beaks of a normal bird! Spotted in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Heath and Deborah Campbell, self-proclaimed Nazis from Holland Township, N.J., first made headlines in January 2009, when a store refused to decorate a birthday cake for their oldest child, Adolf Hitler Campbell, now 6. Shortly after the incident, A…

Mention Miami this week and the first thing people will talk about is the "zombie" attack. What they are obviously referring to is the gruesome near-killing of Ronald Poppo by Rudy Eugene, who was shot by the police after virtually devouring 75 per…

When you read the 50 Shades Of Grey trilogy you will come across, along with your scenes of light BDSM, some baffling word choices. One telling count: "Moist" appears three times; "explodes," nine times; and "sweatpants," 14 times. Yesterday, at New…

A new study finds marriage prevents unhappiness as we age. But is our society working to make singles sadder?

Here's the trailer for That's My Boy that Andy Samberg cut all by himself.

Between "Battleship," "Men in Black III" and the upcoming "Prometheus," movies with aliens are hot this summer. But none of them feature Ron Jeremy's penis as a villain, do they?

Who are the Starks? Who are the Lannisters?

Female journalists tend to focus on subjects like relationships, sex, and family. That matters not just for their careers, but for the whole country.

Just give in to the inevitable. Let the sound assault your eardrums.

It's called Oprah's Book Club 2.0. The first book is called Wild, by Cheryl Strayed.

Robert Spencer, an anti-Muslim American figure, is hawking a new book challenging the existence of Muhammad. "Threats of beheadings and stabbings were sent.... from a Muslim Australian man."

Kate Middleton shows her common touch by wearing the same dress twice in 11 days.

This is seriously the best show on TV right now. It centers around a number of Romanichal Gypsy families in America, and because it airs on The Learning Channel, I thought I'd share some of the things I learned from it.

In nothing but a low-cut bikini top and ripped up t-shirt, Kim Kardashian flaunted her curves via Instagram  on Wednesday by sharing photos from a sexy photo shoot.  The buxom 31-year-old reality star captioned the four-shot, writing:

You'll pardon the late DAR today. As many of you know, we posted a story about Taylor Morris, the Navy EOD tech who lost all four of his limbs when a mine exploded underneath him in Afghanistan last month. I asked the Chivers to raise $30,000 for a …

Another photo has been added to the growing gallery of attention grabbing breastfeeding images -- one of two women nursing their children. They are both wearing their Air Force uniforms, and that has caused more than a little controversy.

The Green Lantern has been rebooted -- he's young again, and he's gay.DC Comics just announced which character is coming out of the closet, and it's Alan…

When punk and grunge originally happened, they were part of sweeping cultural movements that echoed the sentiments of disenchanted youth. Now, they're just fashion trends. Here's how the kids are doing goth, grunge, and more in modern times.

Not even kidding. This is the almost too-ghoulish-to-be-true story of Luka Rocco Magnotta, currently wanted by Interpol for murdering, eating and dismembering a man — all on video — then mailing the body parts to Canadian politicians. WARNING: Graphic details.

One game to rule them all. Yessss, my precious. Soon, you will be in my game console.

No joke, Honey Boo Boo Child’s TLC reality show will be about her picking up roadkill for family cookouts. As long as there’s Go-Go Juice!

Here, on Marilyn’s birthday, presents a selection of Eyerman’s rare photos of the young actress as she studied with three coaches: bandleader Phil Moore (singing); dance instructor, and the ex-husband of the great Cyd Charisse, Nico Chariss…

It’s that time of year again, when nothing seems more inviting than a dip in a cool swimming pool on a hot, muggy day. But boy, do we have a surprise for you.

Warning: this image not for the faint of heart.

That, I imagine, is what's happening now. One insane news story catches everyone's attention with an impossible to ignore headline ("Man Shot to Death by Police While Attempting to Eat Another Man's Face"). Once that happens, any online journalist h…

During a commercial break, Gifford learned of her cringe-worthy gaffe and apologized on-air. "Martin just told me as he was leaving, he said, 'Kathie, you probably didn't know,' but his beautiful, precious wife Nancy did pass away a year and a half …

The world's most popular sport may be getting a much needed facelift.

Can we just unfriend North Carolina now? Plus, some dudes went tent camping in outer space and a theory that will change how you view Cars forever.

What you find in there could be awkward.

Designer Mengyu Chen is developing them for a comic book project titled "The Encephalic Cinema.” They look amazing.

In the epic showdown between Big Blue and Big Red, Walker's margin may be the number being watched from Chicago and Boston. A Walker blowout means trouble for the president.

The unibrow is headed to the Big Easy.

I LOVE Manic Panic and have been using their hair colors for years. Good for us, they just started sponsoring me so I'm gonna do a little giveaway to all my amazing Moon Babies. I have listed all their colors in the gallery so all you have to do to …

The horrific face-eating arrest in Miami and several other seemingly subhuman acts has many people wondering what's behind this flesh-munching wave of terror. A zombie apocalypse, however, is not what we should be worried about, at least according t…

Martin Short is a stand-up kind of guy. After "Today" show host Kathie Lee Gifford quizzed him about his marriage to his late wife during a live interview on Wednesday, he handled the incident with aplomb.

Does everyone do it? Or has everyone done it? The answer is yes! For some people, masturbation is actually the high point of their day. The celebrated gynecologist Hector Treub put it succinctly: 'We've all masturbated and those who say they've neve…

Police taught a high-school English teacher a hard lesson yesterday, charging her with rape for allegedly having sex repeatedly with an underage football player she plied with marijuana on school grounds.

In the epic showdown between Big Blue and Big Red, Walker's margin may be the number being watched from Chicago and Boston, JOHN ELLIS writes. A Walker blowout would be a warning to Obama.

The Milwaukee mayor says he's satisfied with Clinton's appearance. Obama is in Minnesota with no plans to go to Wisconsin.

We're not talking about commercials or endorsements: these athletes acted in movies. And they were really bad.

I am not surprised.

The Center For Disease Control has released a statement about the recent rash of zombie-like attacks. Are they lying?

Yeah, the report is anonymous and vague but I spoke with the author and his source is legit: Microsoft is working on an AirPlay of its own, for playing video from mobile devices (including iOS and Android handsets) on TV through an Xbox. In other words, the battle for the living room isn't really about the box. It's about the content, wherever it comes from.

In an interview with CNBC Mitt Romney said "first it was George Bush, then Congress, ATM machines, then it was Europe. The truth is it's the job of the president to get people back to work."

I never understood why tech executives and politicians are so fond of this phrase. I mean, they probably wouldn't say "we're going to continue to gamble on [thing x]," but they're perfectly fine with this hackneyed blackjack metaphor. Even Tim Cook is doing it! Also, yeah, the sandwich thing.

Delivering a speech today on veterans' jobs at Honeywell's International Campus in Minnesota the President said his proposal would allow people to have the money to buy a "thingamajig."

From whimsical to historical, here are fall 2012's top influential trends!

When somebody wants to make you feel OK about your shitty life, they'll usually say, "At least you have your health." If you don't have that, they'll remind you of how easy modern medical advances have made your illness compared to the past. They're…

Clooney is a false prophet! This seems a bit silly until you remember Jedi is an actual religion.

She cheers! She strips! She REPRISED THE CONE BRA! These are incredibly important moments in diva fashion history. Let's review the clothes from the premiere of her tour in Tel Aviv.

The truth hurts?

WARNING: Hair pulling may occur.

In case avoiding cancer isn't a good enough reason. A truck driver for 28 years, this 69 year old man suffers extreme pre-mature aging only on the driver's side of his face.

This is insane.

Should you decline it, or just ignore it? Plus, what to do about gross, cutesy couples on Instagram.

A collection of moving photographs that demonstrate the pain of heartbreak and the pure, unadulterated joy of triumph. Warning: Even if you don't like sports, you may end up weeping.

See what your old friends Rupert Murdoch and Mexican Drug Lords are up to… See the rest of history here. Read "News Feed History of the World: May 2012" and more funny articles on CollegeHumor

Sure, we know breastfeeding in public can stir up controversy at times, but a new photo of two Air National Guard members nursing their babies in uniform has sparked an extra dose of attention, according to TODAY.

Kendall, 16,and Kylie Jenner, 14, enjoyed a little rest and relaxation while on vacation in Hawaii on Wednesday, May 30. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars were spotted laying out on the beach and sported barely there bikinis as they spent so…

A lone Walker fan's disruptive presence at a rally for Democrat Tom Barrett landed him in handcuffs. Wisconsin is heated in the leadup to June 5's recall.

The Irony Behind Bush's Ride Into History

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